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Pay per click marketing can generate up to a 5-15x return on ad spending.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing (PPC) can generate up to a 5-15x return on ad spending. This form of online marketing is one of the quickest ways to drive high return on investment and incremental revenue. Our experience with search engine and online travel agency (OTA) marketing will get you started quickly and will ensure your initial campaigns are successful and achieve continual improvement.

Beyond typical Google and Yahoo/Bing PPC, we offer pay per click marketing for the three major OTAs: Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity. Our team leverages our experience and relationships to get you launched quickly and add incremental revenue to your hotel. Mercury Rising’s unique pricing model of taking a nominal commission on incremental bookings insures we have mutually aligned business goals. Our services include:

Pay Per Click (Google/Yahoo/Bing) Implementation and Management:

  • Search engine performance audit
  • Keyword research and keyword generation
  • Demand driver research
  • Design and optimization of ads
  • Mobile-optimized campaigns
  • Video advertising including YouTube

Pay Per Click Online Travel Agent (Expedia/Orbitz/Travelocity) Implementation and Management:

  • Online travel agent (OTA) content participation audit
  • Design and optimization of ads
  • Expedia/Intent Media (Orbitz & Travelocity) - Pay Per Click management 7 days a week
  • Bi-weekly reviews with search engine account management teams
  • Booking performance tracking through Expedia/Intent Media - Orbitz & Travelocity